Samsara Bag

Introducing the FREE Samsara Bag pattern, a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Whether it's a unique gift bag or an everyday tote, short or long handles, big or small, machine washable, it's all good!

Radiant Bounce drafts beautiful made to measure sewing patterns.

Enter in your measurements and get an individual pattern made just for you, emailed within seconds.



Print Pattern

Print at 100%
Test print the first page at Scale 100%.
Check calibration scale
Check the calibration scale measures ok.

Prepare Pattern

Gather pattern supplies
Print the rest of the pages and gather your pattern supplies.
Pattern notations
A summary of the pattern notations.
Use the page layout guide
Each piece has a Page Layout Guide showing how to position and stick the pages together.
Butt pages together
Use a weight to hold one page in place whilst positioning the adjacent page.
Stick adjacent pages
Use sticky tape or stickers to join the pages together.
Cut around pieces
Cut around the piece outline on the blue dashed lines and the fold lines.
Pattern pieces are ready
The two pattern pieces are now ready.

Gather Sewing Supplies

Sewalong as we upcycle an old pair of jeans into a sturdy reusable bag.

Use fabric, preloved garments or upcycle any other textile.

Cut Fabric Pieces

Fold the lining and main bag fabric in half.

Position the pattern along the folded edge.

Position pattern on fold
Use weights or pins to keep the pattern in place.
Cut around pieces
Cut all four pieces. Ensure the pattern's fold line is on a folded fabric.

Prepare Bottom of Lining Pieces

Fold over once and iron the bottom of each lining piece to encase the bottom raw edge.

Use notches
Use the notches on the sides as the guide to where to fold to.

Pin Lining to Bag

Pin lining to bag
Pin the lining to the bag right sides together.
Pin right sides together
The lining pieces are facing wrong side up and the main bag pieces are facing right side up.

Sew Lining to Bag

Do NOT sew across top handle yet
Use the seam allowance guide on the pattern.
Sew the six curved sides, making sure the top of the handle remains open.
Gently pivot the needle in the fabric and rotate the fabric around those tight corners.
Snip out notches in tight corners
Snip out the notches in those eight tight curved corners.

Sew Handles Together

Turn ONE side of the bag the right way out and iron.
Slide and tuck that side of the bag in between the other side of the bag until both handles match.
Align the handles along this top edge
Use tweezers, chopsticks or a knitting needle to align the handles along this top edge.
Sew across the top
Sew across the top of the aligned handles.
This joins both sides of the bag together.
Trim excess fabric
Trim off the excess fabric in the corners.

Separate Handles

Separate bags front and back 1
Separate bags front and back 3
Separate bags front and back 4
Separate both sides of the bag by pulling on the top lining outwards.
Iron both sides 1
Iron both sides 2
Iron both sides to flatten out the bag.
Topstitch handles
Topstitch around the curved edges of the bag's opening.

Sew Sides and Bottom

Pin the front and back
Pin the front and back of the bag wrong sides together.
So, the right side of the bag is facing outwards.
Sew the sides and bottom
Sew the sides and bottom.
Trim off the excess fabric
Trim off the excess fabric.
Turn the bag inside out and iron the seams
Turn the bag inside out and iron the seams.
Sew along those ironed sides
Step done
Sew along those ironed sides, encasing that first sewn edge.

Sew Boxed Corners

Follow the process in step 11 to french seam the bags' bottom two corners.

Pin wrong sides together
Pin the two corners wrong sides together,
i.e. the right side of the bag is facing outwards.
Trim excess fabric
Trim off the excess fabric.
Pin right sides together
Turn the bag inside out and pin the corners with the
wrong sides facing outwards.
Sew the two corners
Sew the two corners.


Finished bag
Turn the bag the right side out
and you're done!